About Me

Lenses. We all have them, and we all see the world through them. Each person’s perspective is unique to that individual, and while a person may be aware of her lenses, she may not necessarily understand the way in which those lenses affect her view of the world.

Some of my lenses are represented here: the jobs I have had, my educational experiences, and organizations which I have known in some capacity. But I have many other lenses that aren’t usually captured in this format: growing up in a biracial family, journeying from right to left politically, relying on public transportation to get me to work every day – to name just a few. The point is that I am more than a grant and contract administrator. More than a Southern California transplant living in Seattle. More than a wine snob. More than a student of sociology, theology, and peacebuilding.

As much as my lenses are vast and diverse, so are those of whom I encounter. And as much fun it is to discover and learn about my lenses, it is equally satisfying to discover and learn about the perspectives of others. With billions of people – each with varied lenses – there’s a lot to discover!

I should also add that these lenses are not static or stable; they change and multiply with every person with whom I dialogue, every book I read, and every play I watch. What I hope remains constant is that I respect the lenses of others. For as we respect the lenses of others, we journey toward a more just and peaceful world.

For more information about my work experience and education, please click the tab entitled “Experience, History, and Education,” or visit my LinkedIn profile here.


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