Best of Wives and Best of Women

It started with Rent. Driving around Seattle, you played the CDs to share with me the songs of your favorite musical. Of course, due to touring obligations, we wouldn’t get to see the show until later in 1998. Despite your love for Rent, our first musical date will always be Chicago, an excellent show, but not the romantic juggernaut that one would expect of a musical date. Still, through the years we have managed to attend over 20 musicals and countless plays, from Seattle to Broadway to the West End, not to mention producing our own Broadway-themed wedding. It’s no coincidence that we always celebrate our anniversary around the time that Broadway celebrates the Tony Awards. Theatre has, and always will be, our go-to venue for entertainment, for music, and for thought-provoking dialogue.

Now, as we celebrate another year, I am grateful for sharing so many great experiences with you. Although I am conscious of my committing many errors over the course of our seventeen years of marriage, yet I am hopeful that they will be consigned to oblivion as these years progress into decades. While there will undoubtedly be challenges ahead, we can have confidence that no challenge will present itself as so difficult that we cannot overcome it.

Our drives these days still involve show tunes, although our playlist has since expanded quite a bit. I can think of no other person with whom I would rather blare favorite musicals, while we sing at the top of our lungs driving through the Cascades or just down the street. I imagine that our playlist will be quite extensive in 20 or 30 years, and our voices won’t manage the range they do now. But that’s OK. Each song will still carry with it an experience, a memory, a smile. Even then, I will still cover you with a thousand sweet kisses.


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